UCS-D -> UCS-M Firmware update

Version 2

    Here is an example of a PowerShell script that leverages the Standalone IMC PowerTool to connect to remote IMCs for mass firmware updates of C and E series.  IMC PowerTool is very powerful and this is really beneficial as we have been discussing firmware updating from UCS Director leveraging the PowerShell agent.


    Cisco UCS C-Series PowerTool, Release 1.1.1, includes  the following key features:


    §  Support for E-series CIMC release 2.2(1) and C-Series CIMC release 1.5(4) (It contains 350+ cmdlets to manage every aspect of the Cisco Integrated Management Controller)

    §  ConvertTo-ImcCmdlet – A unique and powerful cmdlet to which user can pipe the output of a Get cmdlet and get the configuration cmdlets to re-create the same object hierarchy

    §  Enhanced Start-ImcKvmSession cmdlet to handle translated addresses in the case of E-series

    §  Transaction support enhancement


    The cmdlet used for firmware updates is the Set-ImcHuuFirmwareUpdater cmdlet (for Huu firmware updating, same is used in attached script file.)



        Set-ImcHuuFirmwareUpdater -AdminState <string> -MapType <string> -RemoteIp     <string> -RemoteCredential <PSCredential> -RemoteShare <string>     [-StopOnError <string>] [-TimeOut <uint>] -UpdateComponent <string>

                                                                     [-VerifyUpdate <string>] [-Force] [-Imc <ImcHandle[]>] [<CommonParameters>]


    $user = "<username>"

    $password = "<password>" | ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force

    $cred = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($user,$password)

    Set-ImcHuuFirmwareUpdater -AdminState trigger -MapType nfs -RemoteIp -RemoteCredential $cred -RemoteShare "/huuIso/ucs-c2x-huu-" -StopOnError yes -TimeOut 60 -UpdateComponent All -VerifyUpdate no -force –Xml




    Attached file has the powershell scripts and tool.