Other Integration with UCSD (Terraform Example, Nimble, Sanovi, Vzure, Hitachi, Metsi, SimpliVity, Pure Storage, Ansible)

Version 23

    Terraform example

         Terraform with Cisco UCS Director - The IT Hollow


         The UCSD module for Nimble integration is available from your local Nimble representative.

              Nimble Storage SmartStack Converged Infrastructure Solutions Deployed By More Than 200 Enterprise Customers


    Hitachi (HDS)   

         If you like to read more about UCSD and HDS please follow this link:

              Search Results: ucs director



         If you like to read more about Sanovi and UCSD please follow this link:

              Sanovi Launches Cloud Continuity Module for Cisco UCS Director | Sanovi Technologies-Application Defined Continuity



         Service Now / Infoblox Integration with UCSD

         (more to come as well i.e. Microsoft Azure, Docker, Puppet Labs and BlueCat):



         Using Ansible with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite


    Pure storage

         Pure storage integration with UCSD is here for UCSD 5.4!






         Metsi has build a compelling solution for UCSD, the Metsi Data Pump, called MAGIC.

         MAGIC expands UCSD’s orchestration capabilities and connects and transforms data intelligently

         between any source and target destination

         Home - Metsi Technologies

         Metsi also created an integration solution with UCSD and Microsoft SCCM using the UCSD SDK.

         This allows UCSD to kick off Microsoft System Orchestrator workflows from a UCSD workflow.

         The solution on our site at





    2.1 Is the solution available? When is it GA?

    1. The solution will be available in Q3.

    2.2 Isn’t this just a solution effort? What is “it”?

    1. In Q3, SimpliVity will deliver and support a plug-in for UCSD, sample workflows, and a published reference architecture.

    2.3 How will customers access this plug-in?

    1. The plug-in will be available to all customers with a valid maintenance contract via the SimpliVity Customer Support Portal.


    The first release of plug-in targets the following functionality:


    SimpliVity – Move Virtual Machine

    SimpliVity – Clone Virtual Machine
    SimpliVity – Backup and Restore Virtual Machine
    SimpliVity – Set Backup Policy
    SimpliVity – Edit Backup Policy

    1. Discovery of SimpliVity Federation

    a. Discovery of SimpliVity Federations as Converged infrastructure

    b. Discover the current VMs, data centers, datastore, and backups that have been created in a federation

    2. Orchestration of SimpliVity Functionality from UCSD

    a. Create, delete, backup, restore of individual VMs

    b. Clone of individual VMs

    c. Create/modify/delete SimpliVity backup policies and rules

    d. Create a data store and add a backup policy to it

    e. Set a different backup policy to a particular VM

    f. Move of individual VMs

    3. Manage multiple federations

    4. Integrate into UCSD resource consumption with an at-a-glance status panel, resource tracking, and

    5. predefined resource utilization and status reports.

    6. Self service