UCS HealthCheck v2.4

Version 15

    UCS Communities Login ID: robbeck

    Twitter handle (optional): TechBeck03

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    v2.4 Edit:  Added support for Ucs PowerTool 2.x and fixed timestamp

    v2.3 Edit:  Fixed FC uplink SAN performance data and added single psu support



                    Script for polling multiple UCS Domains and creating an html report

      of the domain inventory, configuration, and overall health



      Powershell version 3.0 or higher

      Connection to the internet

      UCS PowerTool version 1.1.1 or higher





      Before generating the report select option 1) from the root menu

      and connect to target UCS Domains.  Cache domain credentials after

      connecting to speed up future script executions.


      You must have an active internet connection to view the report as it

      streams some javascript and css files to build report


      Use the UsedCache, RunReport, Silent, and Email switch options to automate

      script execution (especially if scheduling script as a task)


      Ex: .\UCS_Health_Check_v2.3.ps1 -UseCached -RunReport -Silent -Email user@domain.com



    The generated html report supports multiple domains worth of data.  Use the Domain

    dropdown at the top of the page to switch between UCS Domains.  Some of the table

    entries can be clicked for a more detailed view.  There are help icons with tooltips to

    help explain the capabilities of each table.


    Include your script here: