UCS One Liner - Umpire Program Power Supply Check

Version 3

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    Ran on actual systems, 2.1.1e, 2.1.1a, 2.1.3b


    Thanks to my main man Josh Barton for helping me on getting my first powershell script created!


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    #Intent:  Create a script to help identify which UCS chassis power supplies need to be replaced in a UCS

    #system per the following Cisco field notice.  It is my personal experience the customers are running affected

    #power supplies and that they may not have been proactively notified by Cisco of the issue.  Please check

    #your UCS domains for issues and get your power supplies replaced if affected.


    #Field Notice: FN - 63628 - UCSB-PSU-2500ACPL Power Redundancy Failure - Hardware Replacement Required




    #I can confirm that a 2.1.1e UCS domain doesn't show the Version IDs on the powers supplies due to a bug.  This script

    #Uses the Where-Object cmdlet looking for a Vid less than "V03", I have confirmed that this works to detect a blank



    #2.1.1e doesn't show  part numbers on power supplies either.  Logic to look for blank part numbers along with the two

    #affected part numbers, 341-0441-01 and 341-0441-02, has been integrated into the script.


    #Per the field notice, certain power supplies will meet the criteria for replacement but will need to be visually

    # inspected for a deviation sticker placed on the power supply.  The deviation sticker on the power supply

    # indicates that it has been repaired of the hardware issue and doesn't need to be replaced.   Refer to the field

    #notice for  information.





    Get-UcsPSSession | ForEach-Object {Get-UcsPsu | Select-Object Ucs, Dn, Model, PartNumber, Serial, Vid | Where-Object { $_.Model -eq "UCSB-PSU-2500ACPL" -and $_.Serial -like "AZS*" -and $_.Vid -lt "V03"} | Where-Object {$_.PartNumber -like "341-0441-0[1-2]" -or $_.PartNumber -like ""} | Where-Object {$_.Serial -lt "AZS17160000"} }