Storage True-Up

Version 2

    I am mainly submitting this for the "inter-module" category, due to my use of the Netapp PowerShell Toolkit in conjunction with Cisco PowerTool.


    UCS Communities Login ID: Mierdin21

    Twitter handle (optional): @Mierdin

    Have you read the Official Rules of the Contest and do you accept the terms and conditions     Yes  [X]    No  [   ]

    Are you a Cisco employee                                                                                                                          Yes  [  ]    No  [X]

    Does the script run on an emulator -                                                                                                          Yes [X]    No  [   ]

              If yes which version? _______________

                   Hardware Platforms:

                        *NetApp Release 8.2P2 Cluster-Mode

                        *Cisco UCSM Platform Emulator 2.2(1b)PE1


                   Minimum Software Versions:

                        *Powershell 3.0

                        *Cisco PowerTool

                        *Netapp PowerShell Toolkit



    Include your script here:

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    Demonstration Video (YouTube):

    Storage True-Up: Cisco Contest Submission - YouTube