Connect/Disconnect Many UCS Managers to UCS Central

Version 1

    UCS Communities Login ID: chratkin

    Twitter handle (optional): @chrisatkinson78

    Have you read the Official Rules of the Contest and do you accept the terms and conditions     Yes  [ x]    No  [   ]

    Are you a Cisco employee                                                                                                                          Yes  [ x]    No  [   ]

    Does the script run on an emulator -                                                                                                          Yes [  x]    No  [   ]

              If yes which version? _____2.2(1b)_with UCS Central 1.1.2a_________



    Include your script here:

    See attached files

    This configures all policy resolution to GLOBAL.  Script can be modified to change to local/global

    Modify the podlist.csv file to enter multiple UCS Domains.