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Document created by Scott Hanson on Apr 7, 2014
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This script was written by one of my co-workers, Brandon Beck, a Cisco DC CSE in Austin TX. He started with the excellent work done by Jeremy Waldrop of Varrow. The output is very detailed and makes use of HTML5. The menu driven input is very slick and he's starting to work on adding features. You can see where firmware upload to the FI's may be coming soon. Right now it will list all of the available packages using your CCO ID.


Very slick, IMO. Brandon is some what of a perfectionist, but I think this thing needs to hit the streets. It's so useful for those of us that want to see a consolidated view of the environment and drill down for just a few more details.


Brandon's not that active on Twitter, but maybe we can all put a little pressure on him. He's got great ideas, and excellent output. It needs to be shared :-)


UCS Communities Login ID: robbeck

Twitter handle (optional):TechBeck03

Have you read the Official Rules of the Contest and do you accept the terms and conditions     Yes  [X ]    No  [   ]

Are you a Cisco employee                                                                                                                          Yes  [ X]    No  [   ]

Does the script run on an emulator -                                                                                                          Yes [ X ]    No  [   ]

          If yes which version? 2.2(1b)



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