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    UCS Power Scripting Submission Form


    UCS Communities Login ID: jeffoste

    Twitter handle (optional):@_jeff_foster

    Have you read the Official Rules of the Contest and do you accept the terms and conditions     Yes  [ X ]    No  [   ]

    Are you a Cisco employee                                                                                                                          Yes  [ X ]    No  [   ]

    Does the script run on an emulator -                                                                                                          Yes [   ]    No  [ X  ]

              If yes which version?N/A



    Include your script here:

    ... <Script> ...

    Note: Please use the 'Template' provided in the Featured Content area. Use this template as the bais for a NEW Document and feel free to be as creative as you would like. There are opportunities to include various media types within a document - in case you want to include a video or some other media to highlight the script or expected outcome.

    This is for a document on 'How to submit an entry' that will be posted soon.