UCS Tech Talks - "Meet the Engineer" Panel Discussion Series

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    The UCS Tech Talk Series is an ongoing technical technical series where we discuss relevant topics related to the UCS portfolio. These events are held live roughly on a monthly basis and past topics include Monitoring demystified, UCS Central, UCS Manager, Microsoft Integrations and more. Please join us on a future Tech Talk.


    Future Tech Talks:


    Past Tech Talks:

    November 2015: UCS Tech Talk: IMC Supervisor version 1.1 for Standalone UCS C-series and E-series Servers

    April 2015:  UCS Tech Talk: What’s new in the world of UCS Central version 1.3(1)

    January 2015: UCS Tech Talk: Introducing the UCS M-Series Cloud Scale Compute Platform

    December 2014: UCS Tech Talk: Introducing IMC Supervisor for Standalone C-Series and E-Series Servers

    October 2014: UCS Tech Talk: Monitoring UCS Integrated Infrastructure with UCS Performance Manager

    September 2014: UCS Tech Talk:  Introducing UCS Manager Solutions for Remote Office Deployments

    August 2014: UCS Tech Talk: What’s new in the world of Cisco UCS Central 1.2(1)

    June 2014: UCS Tech Talk: What’s new in the world of Cisco Standalone C-Series Integrated management Controller (IMC) 2.0
    May 2014: UCS Tech Talk: Best Practices and Real World Applications for Integrating C-Series Servers in UCS Manager

    April 2014: UCS Tech Talk: UCS-Based Converged Infrastructure Management With UCS Director

    March 2014: What's new in the world of UCS Central (version 1.1(2))

    January 2014: What's new in the world of UCS Manager with version 2.2(1b)

    December 2013: Cisco Standalone C-Series Servers - Teach your old server new tricks

    November 2013: Demystifying Monitoring for Cisco UCS Manager and Standalone C-Series Servers

    October 2013:Managing UCS infrastructure at scale with Cisco UCS Central

    September 2013:Tips and tricks for managing Cisco UCS with PowerShell and Microsoft Systems Center

    August 2013: Cisco Datacenter Hangout (UCS Director and UCS Manager)


    Ideas for a future Tech Talk topic that you want to see? Leave us a comment below!