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Version 7

    Cisco IMC PowerTool Reources:


    Download Resources:

    Cisco IMC PowerTool Main Resource Page:


    Download & Install IMC PowerTool for C-Series and E-Series video tutorial:


    Convertto-ImcCmdlet for Standalone C-Series Overview:


    Convertto-ImcCmdlet with Transactions for Standalone C-Series Overview:


    IMC PowerTool Video from Cisco Live Presentation:


    Additional Reference Videos:

    Automate your Infrastructure: Programmatic Management of Cisco UCS with Microsoft System Center and PowerShell:

    This session was delivered at MMS 2013 by Eric Williams and Jason Shaw


    Tips and tricks for managing Cisco UCS with PowerShell and Microsoft Systems Center:

    This Tech Talk was recorded in October 2013 and includes great references to PowerShell and a number of UCS Integrations for Microsoft System Center.



    Sample Scripts:

    There are also a number of scripts provided by the community available on our UCS Integrations site here:

    Note: You can filter by topic, and in this case I would suggest filtering PowerTool content to help you locate the most topical resources.



    User Guides:

    UCS PowerTool documentation is available here: