Execute / Write check boxes are grayed out

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    Created by: Anne Garrison on 11-04-2013 02:02:05 PM
    The customer upgraded from CUIC 8.5 to CUIC 9.0(2) and now when they do a save as for a custom or stock report, the save as button is there but the Execute and Write checkboxes are grayed out, so no one can see the report they created.  I set the report permissions so the AllUsers group has execute and write permissions on all the reports and the folders, but it doesn't help.  The only thing that seems to work is to give their User ID a Security Administrator role which I don't want to do.  Has anyone encountered this problem before? What do I need to do to enable the permissions?

    Subject: RE: Execute / Write check boxes are grayed out
    Replied by: DAVID CHUMBLEY on 11-04-2013 02:14:00 PM
    I ran into the same problem and opened a TAC case and was told this is by design now.  I guess to prevent users from saving to the AllUsers group.  What I did was create a new group that I assigned the agents to.  The new group also needs to be selected in the MyGroup dropdown field on the Groups tab for each of the users.