How to add Relative Date Range/Absolute Date range in report selection

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Created by: Muhammad Hammad Saleem on 04-04-2013 06:33:53 AM
Hi, How can we add Relative Date Range/Absolute Date range fields in report selection criteria. We have CUIC premium and customer want to add these option while running a report. We have migrated few reports from webview. One of the report like "perskg_Skill Group Consolidated Daily Report" has this option but customer want to add this option in agteam26 Agent Team Consolidated Report and agtskg26_Agent Skill Group Consolidated Daily as well.

Any idea how can we done that ?


Subject: RE: How to add Relative Date Range/Absolute Date range in report selection
Replied by: Carmen Logue on 04-04-2013 08:29:30 AM
The ability to add relative dates to stored procedures and anonymous blocks was added in CUIC 9.0(1) so if upgrading to CUIC 9 is a possibility, that is one way to do it.  You will need to identify what to use for your dates in any of the new reports you have created.  This is covered in the CUIC 9 User Guide - search for "Enabling Relative Date and Days filtering for Anonymous blocks and Stored Procedures."
There is also a post about how to add this to 8.5 reports:

FInally, one of the kind developers posted the migrated WebView reports already completed so you can get those reports from here:

Look under the Category "Intelligence Center 8.5(4) and 9.x - COntact Center Enterprise 8 and 9"  -- there is a file called "Report XML - CUIC85 Migrated WebView Reports"