Error during Twitter Account Feed creation

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    Created by: Koushal Pandit on 03-04-2013 08:37:39 AM
    I am trying to create a Twitter Account feed for a campaign and I am getting the following messages/errors.

    Wait for the Twitter authorization page to load.

    This Feed cannot be saved. Attempts to connect to Twitter were unsuccessful. Check the proxy settings and/or internet connection for the CCP server.

    Our internet connection is working perfectly. Before this we had successfully made feeds for twitter via rss and twitter stream. Only twitter account feed is giving the following error. What could be the problem?


    Subject: RE: Error during Twitter Account Feed creation
    Replied by: Amy Nordberg on 03-04-2013 10:31:03 AM
    Hi Koushal - You don't mention what version you are running.  Twitter recently updated their APIs.  We provided a COP file patch (platform-csa-9.0.1-cop-3.cop.sgn), which takes care of most of their API changes.  But recently Twitter made another API change.  Support for this latest change is addressed in SocialMiner as a workaround for a defect. So, you need to be running SocialMiner version 9.0(1) with COP 3 and you need to apply the workaround described in CSCue76034. This is also described in Field Notice: FN 63626 SocialMiner times out when authorizing or reauthorizing a Twitter.   Thank you - The SocialMiner team