reset_3rdpartygadget_password Not available under utils

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    Created by: Richard Rhinehart on 18-03-2013 01:50:06 PM
    Hello, I am using finesse 9.0.1 I have ssh to the finesse server and logged in with my admin account, when I attempt to run utils reset_3rdpartygadget_password I get Executed command unsuccessfully No valid command entered When I run utils? its not listed as an availalbe command. Did I miss something? Regards

    Subject: RE: New Message from Richard Rhinehart in Cisco Finesse - General Questions
    Replied by: David Lender on 18-03-2013 02:10:10 PM
    You may be encountering known 9.1(1) defect CSCue46832

    But your symptom sounds a bit different.  If that is the case, I suggest you open a TAC case with Finesse product support.

    If you install Finesse with an administrator account and the username is not "administrator" in all lower case.


    Any of the following CLI commands will fail to execute and will hang at a password prompt when attempted. utils finesse application_https_redirect* utils finesse notification* utils reset_3rdpartygadget_password This will lock your current console session till the system is rebooted.


    If you install Finesse with an administrator account and the username is not "administrator" in all lower case.


    Another console can be opened if you are connected directly to the system by pressing alt + any of the function keys [F1-F6] for a total of up to 6 separate console sessions. If you are connected via ssh, simply disconnect and reconnect to gain a new session. To prevent this from happening again when running these commands, you can create an additional CLI account that uses the username "administrator" (all lower case) with limited access to CLI commands. This account will be able to run these commands without an additional password prompt that locks the session.

    To do this, run the following command while logged into CLI the administrator account created when you originally installed the system. set account name administrator Select 1 for the privilege level at the prompt and press enter. Type the desired password for this new account and press enter at the prompt. You may then logout and log back in with this "administrator" username and password. The CLI commands should then work as expected whenever you are logged into the CLI using this account.

    Note: The issue is resolved in Finesse 9.1(1) ES2 and 10.0(1) releases.

    Subject: RE: reset_3rdpartygadget_password Not available under utils
    Replied by: Richard Rhinehart on 19-03-2013 08:54:40 AM
    Thanks David,
    We upgraded to 9.1(1) and that solved the problem.