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Created by: Gerard O'Rourke on 14-03-2013 10:51:24 AM
Hi, I downloaded the summary reports from this site The Exact link is: Sometimes when we run these report we get a divide by zero error.   The SQL and error output from CUIC and SQL server is in the attached (CUIC-Error.txt). This error occured on the Agent Team Historical All Fields Daily Summary Report. Question: Is it possible to get this divide by zero error in the summary reports corrected (which would be good for all who download them)? If not, any help would be appreicated on where the issue might be so that I can correct it?   Also attached is a screen shot of the error on CUIC. As an aside, I noticed that UCCE 9 stock reports are a significant improvement over the UCCE 8 stock reports. Do we know if existing UCCE 8 stock reports are going to be added to? It would be great if we could have a TAC support summary reports for UCCE 8.   Gerry

Subject: RE: CDN -  CCE Summary Report - Divide By Zero Error
Replied by: Edwin Andrews on 14-03-2013 12:14:04 PM
If all the SET statements from the XML appear in the SQL for the report Definition then the...
... SET ARITHABORT OFF ... should prevent the Divide By Zero err.
They need to be there when you run the Report SQL directly on the AW database as well as within CUIC.
If those "SET" statements are in place and you still get an error... :-! I'm not sure.

Subject: RE: CDN -  CCE Summary Report - Divide By Zero Error
Replied by: DARREN SEMMLER on 14-03-2013 10:44:55 PM
try SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF  above your SELECT statement in the report definition..

Subject: RE: CDN -  CCE Summary Report - Divide By Zero Error
Replied by: Gerard O'Rourke on 15-03-2013 06:55:47 AM
Many thanks Darren & Edwin.
There were a few reports in the summary reports which did not have this as part of the SQL.
I have updated and it seems good. If all OK after a week of two of been at the customers site, I will upload the Updated Summary Reports.