getLicenseUnitReport displays wrong number of licenses

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    Created by: Carlo Rodriguez on 06-03-2013 12:34:52 AM
    I'm using the command getLicenseUnitReport to get the number of availble licenses. It gives me a reply but the numbers I'm getting are not the same as the one I'd see on the CUCM.
    My query gets:
                                 => 567
                                 => 233
                                 => 334

    Call Manager Says :

                                 => 540
                                 => 233
                                 => 307

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    Subject: RE: getLicenseUnitReport displays wrong number of licenses
    Replied by: PER-ARNE LIND on 06-03-2013 02:28:06 AM
    HI !!
    What you get is actually all license (Used and pending) + 1 device for sme reason. I've got the same but I've got time to figure it out yet.
    Ex. 10 6921 and 2 pending will give 20 used and 4 pending a total on 24 but you'll get 26 except for ipcommunicators there thsi + 1 isn't present.
    Must be abug somewhere. it also shows wrong values for ccmnodes.
    I'm really interested myself to get this fixed so anyone???