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    Created by: Taveewat Chantaraseno on 10-02-2013 10:25:47 PM
    Hi All,
    Need help for confirmation on passing variables between iFrame and its parent (Finesse Desktop). We can't use HTTP GET as in sample because it takes a while before our application can load up in iFrame. So, we would like our application running on iFrame to be able to retrieve information from variables when our application is ready and also would like to pass variables back to Finesse.
    Would it possible to use something like parent.document.getElementbyID("XXX").value, or we use other methods? 

    Subject: RE: iFrame and OpenAJAX Hub
    Replied by: David Lender on 26-02-2013 11:09:02 AM
    Finesse doesnt provide any functions for passing variables between an iframe and a Finesse gadget other than on the url of the document.  You might try using cross-document messaging