Not able to map the  application in Application Manager

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    Created by: Binny Mathew on 31-01-2013 01:45:49 AM
    Hi All,
    I am not able to map my application in ApplicationManager, but as the application was already mapped there so i am making several changes and they are reflecting also. So i am continuing my development. 
    But tomorrow i have a fear that when i complete my development and I need to map my application somewhere else it might not work.
    has anyone faced this issue? If so what was the problem and its solution/work around. 

    Subject: RE: Not able to map the  application in Application Manager
    Replied by: Binny Mathew on 11-02-2013 11:07:39 PM
    Just an update, I am now able to map my application. The problem was i was using a runnable jar instead of a normal jar.
    Note: When you use a normal jar [not a runnable one] make sure all the supporting jar are also there in the server [document management -> Classpath] or else you will not even be able to open your script on your editior. This worked fine for me.