Agent Call Transfer Report.

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Created by: VARUN Gaur on 23-01-2013 12:16:07 AM
Can somebody help me in making Custom Report for Agent Call Transfer Report. In this report i just want to know which Agent A Transfers calls to which Agent B. Scenario -- Agent A recieves a call from customer and he is not able to resolve and he transfer this call to another Agent B. Im refering to "Database Schema Guide for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 8.5(3)". In the Termination_Call_Detail Table ICRCallKey, ICRCallKeyChild, ICRCallKeyParent will help getting these report along with CallDisposition IN (28,29). But i get the agent who recieved (Agent A) the call but i did not get which Agent (Agent B ) (AgentSkillTargetID is always null)got call transfer by Agent A. 

Subject: RE: Agent Call Transfer Report.
Replied by: Anne Garrison on 23-01-2013 01:35:31 PM
If they are using CTI Route points to transfer the call, then you can use the RouterCallKeyDay and RouterCallKey fields to find the subsequent TCD that will show Agent B’s SkillTargetID in the AgentSkillTargetID field.