Get userID, password, PIN

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    Created by: TEST S.p.A. on 22-01-2013 10:18:40 AM
    I want to retrieve from the database all the userID, passwords and PIN (for EndUsers).
    I'm trying to do it with the AXLsqltoolkit, inserting the sql query in the input file, but I don't know what is the right query to get the information.
    Reading the data dictionary I found out that the tables I'm interested in are "EndUser" and "credential", which are connected through "EndUser.pkid" and credential.fkenduser". Am I right or more tables need to be involved in the query?
    I was hoping that someone had the same problem and already found the solution.

    Thank you very much, best regards

    Denis Roman Fulin

    Subject: RE: Get userID, password, PIN
    Replied by: Florian Kroessbacher on 25-01-2013 01:46:21 PM
    Hy Out There,
    i think u are on the right way, but the password and pin are stored encrypted
    u can get the type of the credential through the tkcredential which is the enum from the table typecredentials in there u get the type
    From CUC: 1 = Windows (not used), 2 = Domino (not used), 3 = Password, 4 = PIN
    cheers Floh