Average Wrap Calculation not always reading correctly

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    Created by: Sarah Barnes on 21-01-2013 06:27:31 AM
    I have created an Average Wrap calculation within the SQL  AvgWrapAHT = ISNULL(AgentSkillGroup.WrapTime / AgentSkillGroup.CallsHandled, 0),
    I have also created Average Hold & Average Hanlded Talk Time based on the same type of calculation.
    in 90% of the agents, these 3 calculations added together equate to the AHT cisco calcultaion
    AHT = ISNULL(AgentSkillGroup.HandledCallsTime / AgentSkillGroup.CallsHandled, 0),
    Does anyone have any idea why 10% of the agents are shoing different?
    Once again all help gratefully received.
    Cheers Sarah