Invoking different Application from UCCX Script

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    Created by: Binny Mathew on 10-01-2013 07:41:40 AM
    I am trying to invoke a VXML application from a UCCX script.
    I can see the application being invoked as well as the entire rendered VXML being returned back, But I am getting a technical difficulty after the  VXML is returned.
    Whereas the UCCX engine should process the rendered vxml. 
    Can anyone let me know which logs to look into to get the actual issue and where the issue can be. 
    Thanks in advance. 

    Subject: RE: Invoking different Application from UCCX Script
    Replied by: Binny Mathew on 11-02-2013 11:04:35 PM
    Guys. I am able to call a diff application  from my UCCX script which inturn will emmit a VXML and also the UCCX engine is processing that.
    Note: It wiorks fine. Just make sure in the JSp that you are calling you do not have any custom tags which emmit a VXMl which is not recongnized by UCCX engine.