Finesse 9.0 failing Agent Logins

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    Created by: Kevin Pickard on 17-12-2012 02:13:06 PM
    Hello. Have installed the new Finesse 9.0 (along with 9.0 CM, UCCE). Finesse connects fine to UCCE (can see in ctisvr log). When I log in an agent it sits for a long time then eventually fails with the following message.

    "The sign-in process is taking longer than expected. You can try signing in again, or contact your administrator if the condition persists."
    I have confirmed that the agent is being properly authorized. When I put in the wrong password it gets rejected right away.
    I am only using the built-in CallControl gadget. I can enter the gadget URI into a browser and the XML displays properly so the gadget is loadable.
    It looks like Finesse now has a longer timeout for gadget loading but in this case it is just not loading at all and then eventually timing out.
    Any ideas?

    Subject: RE: Finesse 9.0 failing Agent Logins
    Replied by: Kevin Pickard on 17-12-2012 02:17:48 PM
    Actually ignore this. Just found out that Finesse 9.0 does not work with Chrome (unlike Finesse 8.5). When I log in agent with IE it works fine.