AXL API CUCM 8.5 ListUser method - How display the list of all users ?

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    Created by: Benoit Barcy on 07-12-2012 04:40:03 AM
    Hello, I need help I would like collect some information to write the list of all users in a file.

    My script works in version 6.1 but I not in version 8.5.
    First I generate the new AXLAPIservices.cs file
    Edit and replace the old method by the new one.
    But now I have an issue with the wildcard to search "any users"
    See below a piece of code.
    Thanks for your help.
      Dim axl As AXLAPIService = New AXLAPIService()
            Dim req As ListUserReq
            Dim res As ListUserRes

            'List User Name
            req = New ListUserReq
            req.returnedTags.firstName = "%"                           <<< Error see in attachment (Works in CUCM version 6.1)
            req.returnedTags.lastName = "%"
            res = axl.listUser(req)
            For Each user As LUser In res.return
                message = message + user.firstName