Support for SQL Transactions?

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    Created by: Martin Sloan on 29-11-2012 02:53:03 PM
    Just wondering if anyone knows whether there is support for sql transactions when using the executeSQL methods?

    Subject: RE: Support for SQL Transactions?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 29-11-2012 06:27:22 PM
    My understanding is that the executeSqlUpdate SQL statement is under-the-covers wrapped in a transaction when executed.  It is possible to include multiple SQL statements in the request (separated by semi-colons), with the effect being a transaction set.
    Take care with this, as you are updating a mission-critical real-time database - design and testing should be done to ensure that write locks and other DB delays are absolutely minimized.

    Subject: RE: Support for SQL Transactions?
    Replied by: Ludwig Balke on 30-11-2012 03:27:06 AM
    I have a problem adding analog devices to a VGx with a security profile having secure mode enabled.
    Using addGatewaySccpEndpoints results in error "The specified Security Profile is not valid for this device type"
    Inspired by your post, I tried the follwoing:
    addPhone with Standard Non-Secure profile
    do executeUpdateSql with
    insert into mgcpdevicemember ...
    update device set fksecurityprofile=...
    Result: Error 480: The security mode of every real device on any given analog gateway must remain consistent with that of every other device on that gateway...
    Hence I tried:

    update device set fksecurityprofile=...
    insert into mgcpdevicemember ...

    And now the result: Error 448: The specified Security Profile is not valid for this device type
    That means, these business rules are implemented as triggers activated by each single action (insert/update).
    Question: Is there any chance to postpone application of these business rules until the end of transaction?
    There must be same trick, since manually (GUI) one can add these phones. 

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    Replied by: Marco Menozzi on 30-11-2012 09:09:50 AM
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    In case of urgency please leave a message on the mobile phone.


    Subject: RE: Support for SQL Transactions?
    Replied by: Martin Sloan on 30-11-2012 09:08:32 AM
    Many thanks.  I was curious about this for the reason of taking care with my sql messaging so we're on the same page.  This is all in lab/dev mode.  I didn't know sql statements could be chained so that'll save some overhead, thanks!