RemoteDestination dependencies (CUCM 8.5)

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    Created by: Philipp Gantert on 22-11-2012 03:15:51 PM
    I try to get all informations for a remote destination in a simple way. But it's realy difficult when you have no view about all the dependencies.What I have:
    - listRemoteDestination -> searchCriteria = RD-Profile
    - the List includes the name of a TodAccess Object.
    - the todAccess Object has references to associatedRemoteDestination and to the ownerIdName. The object has no members.
    - like TimeSchedule, but when I have user defined time settings, CUCM creates such a new object. This object has a reference to todOwnerIdName, but also no members in the members attribute.
    - I found all time settings in an TimePeriod object, but this timePeriods has just a reference to the cucm enduser. I see no direct or indirect reference to a remote-destination (just the name of a Time Period includes the uuid in the name of the remote destination).
    I'm not used that's AXL is realy so complex. Is there an easier way? You see I'm confused
    What are the steps to change/add time sessings of a remote destination. Wich object are realy important.
    What's the idear of todAccess object?
    Thx for explaining
    Greetings Phil

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