Modify Users Role

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    Created by: Ryan Ash on 29-03-2012 04:34:51 PM
    We have a large environment with multiple Unity clusters and a large number of support staff.  I need to write some automation which will add and remove roles to a user as necessary.  Our users are automatically created due to a sync with LDAP.  We are currently running v8.5
    For example I would like to add the role "System Administrator" to user X

    Here is a related post which indicates it is not possible via CUPI.
    Is this possible via CUPI?  If it is not is it in another API?  Is direct SQL an option if nothing else is?  
    Thanks for the help!

    Subject: RE: Modify Users Role
    Replied by: Ryan Ash on 19-04-2012 05:26:10 PM

    Turns out all of the information I needed are in the CUPI.  They are under the Policy section.  I can query by role membership and hopefully do a POST/DELETE for updates.