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    Created by: RICARDO PIPA on 28-03-2012 12:02:48 PM
    In the earlier versions (pre-fcs) of Finesse it was possible
    to upload teh customized Finesse interface to the Finesse Server. Based on this
    a customization of Finesse was built. With the FCS version this possibility doesn’t
    exist anymore.
    The objective is to have two frames, and in one have the
    Finesse and on the other have the internal applications. The communication
    between both frames is made using "cross-document messaging"
    At this time even with the files in a different web server,
    it is not possible to have the Finesse interface working. Apparently it does
    not communicate with the Finesse server.
     Can you provide any
    leads on how I can make the Finesse frame communicate with the server?
    I'm attaching the code files of the Finesse frame in zip format.

    Subject: RE: New Message from RICARDO PIPA in 2385312 - General Questions: Access to
    Replied by: David Lender on 28-03-2012 04:27:16 PM
    Your gadgets need to be hosted on your own web server.  It was never intended for you to host your gadget in Finesse.  This may be available in a future release.

    Finesse comes with some gadgets but the source or interface to these is not  made available.

    The gadget itself runs in an iframe.  The SampleGadget_Final that comes with the Finesse SDK uses an iframe.

    You can use to communicate between gadgets by publishing to a hub topic.  See the OpenSocialContainer specification here

    You cannot communicate with the Finesse gadgets from your iframe.  You can use the Finesse libraries to subscribe to updates to the User and Dialog objects.
    I notice your CallControl.xml uses the javascript libraries from the Finesse server.  This is not supported.  You need to download the SDK and place those libraries on your own server where you are hosting your gadget.

    Subject: RE: Access to Finesse
    Replied by: Joao Santos on 30-03-2012 05:14:48 AM
    Where can we download the Cisco Finesse SDK?

    Subject: RE: Access to Finesse
    Replied by: David Lender on 30-03-2012 05:31:29 PM
    Where can we download the Cisco Finesse SDK?

    From the Finesse documentation page