ev_vxmldialog_done and hangup

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    Subject: RE: ev_vxmldialog_done and hangup
    Replied by: Anusha Kannappan on 26-03-2012 07:44:43 AM
    Hi Grant,

    Actually the Tcl script will be receiving the ev_vxmldialog_done event, when the VoiceXML dialog finishes executing by returning the information back to the Tcl IVR script through the namelist attribute of the <exit/> tag.

    And when the user hangs up, a <disconnect> is emulated. But the leg will not be disconnected and the Tcl script receives the ev_disconnected event as part of the control events, then has the responsibility of either terminating, or waiting for the termination of the dialog, and then disconnecting the leg.

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    Created by: Grant Bagdasarian on 26-03-2012 07:26:32 AM
    I'm performing a leg vxmldialog command in my TCL script. Two things can happen:
    1) The vxml is completed normally and the ev_vxmldialog_done is thrown.
    2) The user hangsup during the execution of the vxml and the ev_disconnected is thrown.
    I'm collecting certain data in the VXML which needs to be returned to the TCL instance. For the first instance I use the command: [infotag get evt_vxmlevent_params event_params]. Which works fine, but I can't use this during the ev_disconnected event. The VXML always exits with the <exit namelist="var1 var2 var3 etc" /> element.
    If the ev_disconnected is thrown, is it still possible to access the values returned by the VXML?

    Subject: RE: ev_vxmldialog_done and hangup
    Replied by: Grant Bagdasarian on 27-03-2012 09:46:30 AM
    Hello Anusha,

    Yes, I know that. I think I explained it wrong.

    What I'm trying to accomplish is to retrieve the values the VXML returns through the <exit namelist= > element during the ev_disconnected event, but it seems like this is not possible according to the documentation.



    Subject: RE: ev_vxmldialog_done and hangup
    Replied by: Grant Bagdasarian on 10-04-2012 05:22:10 AM
    This topic can be closed. I noticed the ev_disconnected is generated first followed by the ev_vxmldialog_done.