Cannot create Objects in CCX Editor from JAR files

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    Created by: Mariela Paula Musitani on 20-03-2012 07:36:56 PM
    Hello, I'm new to CCX programming and I need some help to move forward on a test that I am doing using Unified CCX Editor and Unified CCX Administration.
    Ok, here I go:
    I created a test project in Java. I added some classes to the project, these classes have different methods that will return to CCX Editor values that will be used in the CCX Editor script. In the future, the project will have to consume a webservice, but now, since I am only testing I only added some basic return statements to the test classes.
    ** Using Eclipse IDE, I created a JAR file by exporting the project as JAR File.
    ** Using NetBeans IDE, I created a JAR file of the JAVA Project by going to Build Main Project. 
    Once I have the JAR file that I want to use in CCX, I uploaded it to the default classpath in the CCX Administration site, by going to Applications -> Document Management, then in the grid, I selected the default folder and once again in the grid, I selected the classpath folder.
    After that, we will be situated in the \classpath folder. To continue, I selected the Upload Documents button, I browsed the JAR file that I created using Eclipse or NetBeans, and checked the Unzip after uploading checkbox. Then, Click in the Upload button.
    Next step that I did was to go Custom File Configuration and I moved the JAR file that I've just uploaded from the Available Classpath entries list to the Selected Classpath Entries. Then, Click in the Update button.
    Now that I have "correctly" uploaded the JAR file to CCX Administration, I want to create a Variable from CCX Editor and the type will be one of the Classes inside my JAR file.
    So to do that, I open CCX Editor, I log in correctly with the same user/password that I log to CCX Administrator, create a new Script, hit the create variable button, the New Variable screen pops up.
    In this screen, there is a Type dropdown and this is where I suppose I will find the classes inside the JAR file. But my assumption is wrong... I cannot see any other types than the default ones.
    I will kindly ask someone please to correct me if one of the steps that I am doing to create an instance of an Custom Object in CCX Editor is wrong or if I am missing an step.
    Unified CCX Editor and Administration: v 8.5
    I tested creating the JAR files using JRE6 and 7, using NetBeans or Eclipse

    Subject: RE: Cannot create Objects in CCX Editor from JAR files
    Replied by: Aaron Harrison on 21-03-2012 04:57:29 AM

    More info here:


    Subject: RE: Cannot create Objects in CCX Editor from JAR files
    Replied by: Stephen Earl on 20-03-2012 10:04:31 PM
    A few things:

    1. You'll need to restart the appliance(s) after you upload your jar file(s). I've tried restarting services, but find that restarting the whole appliance works every time.

    2.  Restart the CRS Editor after the appliance(s) come up.

    3. You're not going to see your custom type(s) in the drop down list until you've accessed them at least once. You'll have to enter the full package and class name for your custom type(s). For example, com.mycompany.SomeType

    4.  You're not going to be able to use Java 7 classes unless they're compiled with Java 6 version compatility using the -target 1.6 compiler option. You're better off in the long run using the Java 6 compiler as is.

    There a bunch of gotchas when using custom Java classes in UCCX. If you're curious let me know.

    Steve E.