AXL ErrorCodes

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    Created by: HOLGER SIMON on 21-03-2012 09:06:28 AM
    we want to implement an AXL Error mapping.
    For doing that, we need an complete list of axl error codes.
    What we found is the List in the axl devepers guide (i.e. 8.5.1 page 2-162).
    Ther are 4 errors within the range of 5000 - 5007.
    That don't seems to be complete.
    for example while trying to create a phone which already exist i get the error message:
                   <axlmessage>Could not insert new row - duplicate value in a UNIQUE INDEX column (Unique Index:x_device_name).</axlmessage>
    So my questions is: where can i get a complete list of the axl error tags ?
    Kind regards,
    Holger Simon

    Subject: RE: AXL ErrorCodes
    Replied by: Xinxin He on 05-04-2012 11:27:20 PM
    this is not enough license to add devices