CUCM 9.0 WSDL & Database Compatibility

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    Created by: HOLGER SIMON on 15-03-2012 12:10:23 PM
    i'm need to know details on the new version of cucm, can i get here some developer informations?
    I would need:
    - the WSDL files  for both AXL and RIS interface,
    - the cucm database sceme, and
    - the structure (fields) of the devicexml file for phonetypes 6961 and 7962.
    If i can't get here any informations, even a short reply, that points that out would be helpful for me!
    Thanks in advance!
    kind regards,

    Subject: RE: CUCM 9.0 WSDL & Database Compatibility
    Replied by: David Staudt on 16-03-2012 06:26:06 PM
    The WSDL files for AXL and Risport are downloaded from the UCM server itself once it's installed.  You will need access to a running instance of the version you are interested in.
    The UCM database dictionary documents are available online here:
    Specific phone device XML schemas are not documented.  If you need to manipulate these you will need to get working samples from actual devices.

    Subject: RE: CUCM 9.0 WSDL & Database Compatibility
    Replied by: HOLGER SIMON on 27-03-2012 04:35:48 AM
    Unfortunately i don't have a running CUCM 9 Version, i can't get these information.
    For the begining, I would be interested in the following AXL and RIS requests:

    Can you confirm the compatibility of these request between version 8.5 and 9.0?
    Kind regards,