Problem with log messages due to load.

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    Created by: Adolfo Arizpe on 15-03-2012 01:19:08 PM
    We have an TCL script that does some basic IVR. This script makes a leg setup if a condition is met.
    The script logs certain actions to a webserver using ::httpios::geturl().
    During any given, day a handful of calls don't reach the part where the script should call the geturl(). 
    My only guess is that the script is crashing somewhere.
    On development we haven't been able to replicate this.
    On production, we have been told that we should not enable debug messages because this can put extra load on the gateway.
    Is there a way for the gateway to log the puts messages, lets say, to an external ftp or database?
    The gateway is a Cisco 3745.
    thank your for any help.

    Subject: RE: Problem with log messages due to load.
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 15-03-2012 01:30:16 PM
    Play media file does consume memory. Suggest you to monitor memory usage and CPU utilization.

    Turn on "deb voip app" log to buffer to take a look.