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Created by: Torsten Brink on 12-03-2012 02:02:29 PM
Hi Developers,
I´m pretty new into the CUAE development and would like to know how best to implement a function (application) that is triggered on receiving a media stream.
My basic idea is having a push to talk function. I already have a script which streams RTP on push to one or multipe phones.. however I now need a application which is able to receive a stream on one hand and push this stream to multiple IP´s on the other side..
So a kind of conferencing, however I don´t want to use a "real conferencing" solution, as this would lead in having a "real call" within cucm and will have many disadvantages in using a PTT app.
Any idea´s which trigger would be the best on receiving a media stream to CUAE ??
Many thanks in advance...

Subject: RE: Trigger for received Media
Replied by: David Staudt on 13-03-2012 04:17:45 PM
It sounds like by 'receiving an audio stream' at a low level this would be RTP packets arriving at a listening socket?  If this is your requirement, I don't think CUAE can trigger from this.  You could create a CUAE provider using .NET code that does this, and then exports an event to the CUAE framework for processing there...

Subject: RE: Trigger for received Media
Replied by: Torsten Brink on 13-03-2012 05:03:03 PM
Hi David,

first of all thanks for your answer...

I expected this kind of answer.. however maybe there´s a kind of a <trick> making the behaviour possible.

Maybe it´s possible to setup a CUCM´s conference bridge with some virtual / dummy phones and then on receiving a RTP stream, mixing it and pushing it to the "virtual" phones, which are in fact the other stream receivers.

I´m just thinking loud here :-)