CUAE based application migration services

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Created by: PRANJOL SAIKIA on 01-03-2012 11:38:52 PM
After the end of sale of Cisc CUAE platform Parsec Telesystems has migrated all it existing CUAE based applications to non CUAE based application

PARSEC has successfully migrated all applications (around 35 MARS products) to non CUAE platforms using following SDk/platforms –
• Cisco JTAPI
• Cisco Administration XML
• Cisco Extension Mobility Service API
• Cisco CURRI
• Cisco Jabber SDK
• Cisco RISPort API
• Dialogic HMP

Parsec also provides services to convert CUAE based applications to non CUAE based applications
For any further details please send a mail to me at

-Pranjol Saikia