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    Created by: Senthil Kumar Natarajan on 24-02-2012 05:39:28 PM
    i am trying to create CUIC custom formuale for the footer.
    from the query, i see 

    asa= case when sum(isnull(CTHH.CallsAnsweredToHalf,0)) = 0 then 0
      else sum(isnull(CTHH.AnswerWaitTimeHalf,0)) * 1.0
      / sum(isnull(CTHH.CallsAnsweredToHalf,0))

    Now, how does this converts to the formulae in footer, so i get to see the average (or summary) in footer.

    Subject: RE: Custom formula
    Replied by: Senthil Kumar Natarajan on 24-02-2012 06:10:03 PM
    Here are the footer formula, in case anyone needs it (i got these from the exisiting CallType Historical definition.
    asa = SUM(${CallDelayAbandTime}) / SUM(${TotalCallsAband})
    per_aban = SUM(${CallsAband})/SUM(${CompletedTasks})
    per_queued = SUM(${CallsQHandled})/SUM(${CallsHandled})
    avg_aban_delay = SUM(${delaytime}) / SUM(${CallsAband})