XML Application Basics (CGI/Execute *without* CUCM server setup)

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    Created by: michael plagge on 24-02-2012 12:14:40 PM
    I have a Cisco IP Phone 7945 for testing purposes as I want to develop some XML Applications for these devices. I installed the currently latest SIP firmware SIP45.9-2-3S.
    To configure the phone, I edit a SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml file which the phone retrieves via TFTP. Besides this, I see only little real configuration with the Settings button.
    Unfortunately, I got stuck during my first steps. I actually wanted to grab a screenshot by accessing http://<PHONE-IP>/CGI/Screenshot, but whatever authentication credentials I insert, I get the error <CiscoIPPhoneError Number="0"/>. I think that could be a starting point, because I do have no clue how to configure the internal authentication URL that is queried by the phone.
    Besides this simple example, I wonder how to "install" pointers to XML applications to be available on the phone's user interface.
    To avoid possible misunderstandings: I currently only operate a single IP phone without any CUCM server. My hope is that I can configure all those options via configuration files available through TFTP at the phone's boot time instead of retrieving the from a CUCM server.
    Any pointers if my task is possible with a CUCM server at all are highly appreciated! I also attached my current configuration (SEP-SAMPLE.cnf.xml).
    Thanks a lot

    Subject: RE: XML Application Basics (CGI/Execute *without* CUCM server setup)
    Replied by: michael plagge on 24-02-2012 01:21:43 PM

    [time from start of research to submitting the post] > HUGE
    [time from submission of the post to a solution] > LITTLE

    The problem is solved! Thanks to a real good source http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Cisco+79XX+XML+Push I managed to get a working connection to the phone and further!

    My problem was that I entered some test values for <authenticationURL>, but I just missed the http:// prefix... So no action was taken by the phone, of course. Having syntactically completed this, I succeeded in authorization.