service-module mfg ip address <ip-address> Command not supported

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    Created by: Anupam Mishra on 22-02-2012 03:35:40 PM
    Hi All,
    Trying to configure following command and getting no option to configure mgf ip address:
    <pre>pcs-mesh-armory-rtr(config-if)#service-module ?
      ip  Service module ip configuration

    Looks like mgf is not supported in Linux as suggested in:

    The service-module mgf commands are visible only when the Linux application supports the MGF feature. See your Linux application documentation to determine MGF support.

    The router module came pre-installed with VMware esxi which is Linux based. If the VMware/Linux application doesn't support the "service-module mgf..." command, does that mean if I use "service-module ip address x.x.x.x subnet" command only and then MGF is disabled?
    Will I keep the benefits of MGF and not use the router's CPU or since the Linux application doesn't understand MGF, the traffic will go through the router CPU?

    Also, how do I check if Linux app supports MGF?


    Subject: RE: service-module mfg ip address <ip-address> Command not supported
    Replied by: Brett Tiller on 22-02-2012 04:27:12 PM
    Hi Anupam,

    With the release of SRE-V 1.5.1 the router configuration of the service module was simplified so that mgf no longer needed to be specified.  Under-the-hood it still exists.  This layer two communication occurs via the SM <slot>/1 interface.  You can read more about this functionality along with the new support for EtherSwitches that also utlizes the MGF to optimize the router cpu usage in the Installation and Configuration Guide located in the knowledge base -


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    Replied by: Anurag Gurtu on 22-02-2012 04:35:18 PM
    Ip address are no longer configure for MGF. You need to configure MGF in trunk mode. Execute the following commands

    Conf t

    Interface SM X/1

    Switchport mode trunk


    Anurag Gurtu, CISSP

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