Leg setup outcome

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    Created by: Grant Bagdasarian on 20-02-2012 07:13:18 AM
    When I'm doing a leg setup the CallSetup returns with "(ls_-01 Status CS_UNKNOWN)". I can't find the ls_-01 status in the TCL IVR Programming Guide, but there is one which is named ls_001. I'm guessing these are the same? If so, then why does mine return ls_-01 and what does "The outgoing call leg was looped" mean? 

    Subject: RE: Leg setup outcome
    Replied by: Grant Bagdasarian on 20-02-2012 07:28:41 AM
    Seems like this: set callinfo(notifyEvents) "ev_alert ev_progress ev_proceeding ev_connected" was causing the ls_-01 outcome. When I comment this out, I get "CallSetup Returning(ls_000 Status CS_ACTIVE)"