How to get information of call which is queued in CSQs? (UCCX 8.5)

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Created by: Supapong Putthayangkura on 21-02-2012 12:59:08 PM
There is only amount of queue in each CSQ from table named 'RtCSQsSummary'
but I want to get the information of the call in that queue. How to get it?
(Examples of expected information are queuetime and calling number)
According to UCCX Database Schema Guide (8.5) documentation,
I think I can get the call information with this condition:
- sessionid which recorded in table named 'ContactRoutingDetail'
  while it does not appear in another table named 'ContactQueueDetail'
I think if a call/leg is queued, there should be a record in 'ContactRoutingDetail'.
If the call is not dequeued/abandoned/connected, there should be no record in 'ContactQueueDetail'.
But It was not as expected, a record will be written into tables when call is disconnected only.
Is it possible to get the information of each call which is queued in CSQs?
We are using UCCX 8.5.
My purpose is to show the longest waiting duration of any call that was queued in the current time.
Thanks for your help.