C# and IP Phone services

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    Created by: Madi jahoura on 16-02-2012 07:38:33 PM
    Hi All,
    I am a network engineer, and I need to start writing some programs for Cisco IP phones. I have some information about C# and I need to use it now.
    I have Visual Studio 2010 now but I am not able to determine which type of projects I should select to start.
    Anyone can guide me??

    Subject: RE: C# and IP Phone services
    Replied by: Madi jahoura on 17-02-2012 03:11:20 AM
    Hi Manas,

    Thank you too much for you help.

    I can manage everything from CUCM side, I am IPT engineer and I need to learn how to build IP Phone services.

    I created webservice.asmx but how I can mange the web contents,
    for example: I am not able to find:

    Response.Write or redirect.

    do you  have any small project I can see what I should do?

    could you please take a look here:


    I am sorry about these silly questions but as I said I am an IPT network engineer and I have some information about C# windows applications.

    Please if you know any article or book you recommend to go through tell me.


    Subject: RE: C# and IP Phone services
    Replied by: Manas Varma on 17-02-2012 02:47:50 AM
    Hi Madi,

    What you need to do is that , create a web service , host it on some web server (IIS) in this case. Then from the Call Manager , in the Services URL, mention that address. Post that subscribe that service to one of your phone.

    For the creation of Service in Visual Studio,

    1. Start a Project, select Web Project.
    2. In add new Items, select , .NET web service (.asmx) files.
    3. Write Web Functions in it and the suitable parameters.
    4. host and play with it ther after.