Accessing number type/plan (NPI/NOA)

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    Created by: Tomas Ussher on 10-02-2012 09:30:44 AM
    I need to access the information is subject for an incoming call. These are the fields like 'ISDN/national' that are always present in a Q.931 setup message for each number present.
    The manual mentions that until some version, infotags like leg_ocn_npi were supported, but then removed as "an alternate method of accessing this information is made available". The only infortags that have surived this "improvement" are leg_rgn_xxx and these NOT useful to me. So how do I access the number types now ?
    I see the possibility using GDI but I don't want to do that unless necessary, it seems to me that this very basic information should be accessible via infotags especially as it was at some point.

    Subject: RE: Accessing number type/plan (NPI/NOA)
    Replied by: Tomas Ussher on 15-02-2012 07:16:54 AM
    lg_rgn does not help because it returns type/plan for redirecting number, not ANI or DNIS.
    There is no error log to show here because that is simply yet another deficiency in the API that I'm reporting here.

    Anyway, I've successfully coded using GTD objects, as part of the number2name script by Quality Developments.

    Subject: RE: Accessing number type/plan (NPI/NOA)
    Replied by: Anusha Kannappan on 15-02-2012 01:04:26 AM
    Hi Tomas,

    Are you sure that 'infotag get leg_rgn_noa' and 'infotag get leg_rgn_npi' are not returning the expected value? What is the issue you are facing? Could you please share us the logs depicting the error.