Finesse Admin - Error on page.

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    Created by: Tony Heaney on 08-02-2012 01:48:07 PM
    I've run into a issue where the Finesse admin page fails to load.  Whenever it fails to load it always expresses that there has been an error detected where access has been denied to a gadget.  When this occurs, the circular loading symbols near the reset buttons on all panels never stop spinning and the submit/reset buttons themselves do not respond to input.
    Once the error turns up once, there is no choice but to reinstall Finesse in order to change anything, such as layout.  After the reinstall the system can be fine for 3 days, or the admin page will fail to load on the 1st attempt to access the admin page (happened on my most recent install), but as soon as I get that error on page message I have never been able to access the admin page again.  I tried clearing all browser history, lowering the security to the lowest settings, making the Finesse server a trusted site.
    I am running (ICM 8.5.3, Finesse 8.5.3, and CCM 8.6.1a).  I was getting the same issue with CCM 8.0.3, and hence went with the upgrade to try and resolve the issue.
    Anyone else experiencing issues like this with the Finesse admin page errors out on attempting to load it's own internal gadgets?

    Message: Access is denied.
    Line: 196
    Char: 20356
    Code: 0

    Subject: RE: Finesse Admin - Error on page.
    Replied by: Tony Heaney on 08-02-2012 02:42:37 PM
    Another note to add.  If i try and access the URL directly listed above I get a permission issue failure, but if I change the nocache=1 to nocache=0, the page will successfully be sent.

    Subject: RE: Finesse Admin - Error on page.
    Replied by: Tony Heaney on 15-02-2012 12:42:25 PM
    Found my issue.  Dumb mistake.

    Apparently the Finesse admin web site runs under to http and https, but the https site does not have appropriate permissions to access the concat function.

    If I run the admin under http, it works fine.