Updated .NET wrappers for CUPI and CUPI for Users

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    Created by: Jeff Lindborg on 05-02-2012 12:33:29 PM
    An updated version of the CUPI .NET library and a new CUPI for Users .NET library can be found on their home pages here:

    The CUPI library was updated with some items based on feedback from folks (thanks!) and the CUPI for Users library is what I used to build the iPhone Connection CoPilot application released on iTunes ¿ it¿s home page is here:

    both the home pages have links to the project source code and numerous training videos on how to get started using the libraries and using Mono for Android/iOS/Mac/Linux platforms etc¿ plenty of super-boring videos where you can point and laugh as I make lots of mistakes while writing demo applications. Scripts are for cowards¿

    Any and all feedback welcome as ever.