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    Created by: Michael Dunsdon on 30-01-2012 03:59:42 AM
    I get the following error message for the function I have to update a hunt pilot but as far as I can tellthe ItemsElementName is set correctly.
    Any suggestions where I've gone wrong gratefully received.
    of ItemsElementName mismatches the type of CiscoAXL.XFkType; you need
    to set it to CiscoAXL.ItemsChoiceType11.@routePartitionName.
        Public Shared Function updateHuntPilot(axlApiService As AXLAPIService, huntPilotPattern As String, routePartitionName As String, MLPPprecedence As String, HuntListName As String) As String

            Dim result As String = ""
            Dim Req As New UpdateHuntPilotReq()
            Req.ItemsElementName() = New ItemsChoiceType11() {CiscoAXL.ItemsChoiceType11.pattern, CiscoAXL.ItemsChoiceType11.routePartitionName}
            Req.Items() = New String() {huntPilotPattern, routePartitionName}
            Req.patternPrecedence = MLPPprecedence
            Req.huntListName = New XFkType()
            Req.huntListName.Value = HuntListName

            Dim Res = axlApiService.updateHuntPilot(Req)

            Return Res.return

        End Function