Fallback dialpeer on script failure

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    Created by: Anders Westlund on 24-01-2012 06:23:34 AM
    I'm devloping a script that does some "number2name." actitivies and fill in the name field using the "set callInfo(displayInfo) $MyText" command:
    What I would like is a possibility to handle a script failure: I.e. if any incoming call hit the dialpeer that activates the script and the script, for some unknown reason, fails the call shall be setup on the same gateway but on a dialpeer without the script activated: This will allow the call to be setup even during a script failure.
    Lets for example say that incoming number in the 3*** and 4*** range shal be handled by the script.

    Subject: RE: Fallback dialpeer on script failure
    Replied by: Raghavendra Gutty Veeranagappa on 24-01-2012 12:06:55 PM
    Hi Anders,
    In case of script failures the call will cleared, i don't think it is possible to route the call to another dial peer.