7975 IP Phone Emulator

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    Created by: Jason Morgan on 18-01-2012 02:31:49 PM
    What emulators are available for testing IP Phone services developed for a 7975G Cisco IP Phone?  Do they require an existing Cisco Application Server environment?

    Subject: RE: 7975 IP Phone Emulator
    Replied by: Carl Charroux on 17-02-2012 02:57:31 PM

    Did you ever get an answer or find a simulator?


    Subject: RE: 7975 IP Phone Emulator
    Replied by: David Staudt on 20-02-2012 05:47:47 PM
    For 7925 apps you will want to develop using the hardware - there are no emulated/softphone UIs.  In order to use the hardware you need to have a UC Manager (physical, virtual or remote) to register the phone and administer service configuration, etc.
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