Different behaviour with internal URI Dial

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    Created by: Jan Zehlike on 16-01-2012 07:26:21 AM
    we have developed an own phonebook phone service.
    After searching for a user detailed information is displayed about the found user. For that we use the phone service XML object CiscoIPPhoneText.
    Within CiscoIPPhoneText we define a softkey with internal URI Dial and the telephone number of the user.
    We use this phone service with two phone types 7960 and 7962 and the behaviour after calling a found user is different for these two phone types.
    With 7960 the display service plane is closed then.
    With 7962 the display keeps showing the search result details for the found user and after the call we have to press another softkey to exit from there.
    Used Versions:
    Phoneload Version 7960: 8.1 (2.0)
    Phoneload Version 7962: 9.0.3 and 9.2.3 with same behaviour
    CUCM Version: 7.1.5 34066-3
    Why the same XML fragment leads to this different behaviour on 7960 and 7962? Is the different firmware version the cause?
    Can anyone confirm this behaviour?
    Which of the two variants is regarded as the correct behaviour?
    Is there anything we can do to force equal behaviour on both phone types?
    Is there any detailed Cisco-documentation about intended behaviour regarding service/call-plane when using internal URIs e.g. Dial?
    For comparison we have checked the internal corporate directory. There was no different behaviour for our two phone types, both closed service plane. But this phone service is using CiscoIPPhoneDirectory with internal URI Dial.
    We checked further the default personal adress book application. There too was no different behaviour. But this phone service uses also a different XML object namely CiscoIPPhoneMenu with internal URI Dial used as URL in MenuItem.
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