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    Created by: rickratStation (simulated) on 13-01-2012 12:38:37 PM
    I am trying to convert the c++ api to c#. From my understanding, the gist is the application takes a bunch of types, packs them into a byte array and then you can send them over the wire. The unpack does the opposite.
    Is this the case?
    Does anyone have any c# code they can share please?

    Subject: RE: New Message from rickratStation (simulated) in Unified Contact Center E
    Replied by: David Lender on 17-01-2012 09:22:29 AM
    You are correct  your application needs to pack and unpack the messages into/from a byte array.  See page 2-6 of the UCCX CTI Protocol Guide for information on packing and unpacking messages.   I have not seen a C# sample of this process.