Message Waiting Indicator on a CTI OS Desktop

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    Created by: Claudio Illanes on 13-01-2012 01:36:31 PM
    I've got a customer that is looking for a Message Waiting Indicator on a CTI OS Desktop. They have approximately 12,000 agents, and I plan on using CUMI to display this information I'd just need to blink a light if there is a  new voicemail. Would Cisco recommend polling for this information every x interval using: 
    GET /vmrest/mailbox/folders/inbox/messages?read=false&type=voice
    Or, would it be better if I registered for notifications? If so, how can I only register for NEW_MESSAGE and SAVED_MESSAGE messages? I want to use the most efficient and logical setup for use by their 12,000 agents.


    Subject: RE: Message Waiting Indicator on a CTI OS Desktop
    Replied by: Prem Bejjam on 30-01-2012 12:23:37 PM
    Hello Claudio,

    If what your trying to do is poll unity connection for MWI in an agent mailbox then that may work, but the issue will correlating  the vm
    message to the CTIOS agent session for reporting in ICM.

    Also how would the solution work for different agents types (call by call, nailed agents or mobile agents). How would agent
    Know if they have an message, if they login from an different EP (hard/soft) for an given work session.

    Also, what is the current version of the CCE your trying to develop against ?

    Thank you,